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Acytex Group has distinguished itself in the market by offering innovative and profitable products to meet the needs of final users. Therefore, it is a leading manufacturer of 100% Nylon Tulle in its main presentations: 50 meters (164.08 ft) pillows and 100 meters (328.08 ft) rolls. Sensitive to the global dynamics Acytex Group is developing some of it´s Tulles out of Polyester, making them affordable and competitive, and at the same time, providing high quality to meet diverse markets demands.

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Tulle Crinoline (T-70)

Leading product in the domestic market by being a rigid 100% Nylon mesh that keeps its body or what is colloquially called "bounce", when it is crumpled and released it resumes again its original form, assuring an always radiant look to the garment made out of it. 
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Sparkle Tulle (T-5B)

It is a fine, thin and brilliant mesh that provides a touch of elegance with an innovative and different aspect that results in a wide and varied range of usages 
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Glitter Tulle

It is a fine, slim and shiny mesh, coated with bright gold, silver and Colour adiamantine which gives it a special glow and a touch of fantasy. 
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Tulle 15 (T-15)

Is a product with wide application flexibility thanks to its fabric and finish it is used in bridal veils or beach blouses, as well as in mosquito nets. 
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Tulle 40 (T-40)

It is a medium plotted and firm finish mesh that allows to provide body and "bounce", it wrinkles but recovers its original form, wherever its used. 
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Heavy duty rigid open mesh used to provide body or interlining for suits, waist bands or as a basis for hall decorations. 
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